Welcome to Ebitspace Coin Pre-pre ICO CrowdFunding Platform

Most ICO requires participants to download an entire blockchain and set up a local wallet this can exclude investors/participants who are less technically savvy, seriously restricting the Market from support. Ebitspace has created this site prepreicosales.com for the purpose of Facilitating those who are less technically inclined.

Ebitspace Benefits

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How Will Ebitspace Keep Its Value?

As more users continue to use Ebitspace platform the value of the Ebitspace token will increase . Each user on the Ebitspace platform that desire to use our store feature will only be able to purchase and sell goods and service with the Ebitspace token. Ebitspace is in talks with 3 Major professional sports franchise to be the exclusive cryptocurrency for those Sports Leagues.


To control the exclusive content rights of each leagues to stream their games live from ebitspace 24-hour Television Network Ebitspace is in talk with one of the most exciting boxers in history to do a five-fight $1Billion exclusive deal to stream his next 5 fights on Ebitspace Television Network platform. Ebitspace is looking to be the first company that shoots a major motion picture totally using its cryptocurrency to pay A-List Actors and Actresses. These are just a few things ebitspace team is looking to do in the upcoming years.With your crowdfunding help today, we can move this Dream forward faster. Please help us raise $700,000 before March 3rd 2018.

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